Friday, July 30, 2010

joy reservers

Hmm.. I feel bad because I haven’t updated this blog for the last couple of days. I swear to myself I will write something here every day. But I’ve been so sleepy lately. Usually writing here is the last thing I do before I hit the sheets but recently I feel exhausted and super sleepy that I can't resists my bed. That’s why I’ve decided to do the writing in the morning. Also I woke up this morning feeling that I still want to get more sleep but my head is already working for this entry so before I lose the words I decided to get up and put my “brain words” into writing.

So I am thinking about “joy reservers” last night also this morning. I encountered one yesterday and I really don’t like it. Joy reserver (for those who are not familiar) refers to a person who reserved an item for the fun of it but when it’s time to pay for the item she suddenly change her mind and decided she doesn't want it anymore. Reserver is not on the dictionary, I guess this word is like those of jejemon’s only this one was invented on online marketplace. So why does online shop owner’s dislikes them? Simply because they are waste of time and they can also affect our sales. When a customer asked to reserve an item we took effort to update the photos, captioning that a particular item is already reserved. Then update our inventory for the reserve item, carefully took note of their personal information so we can send the item to the right address/give it to the right person and finally separate their item from the others. See, how many things we online sellers do before we actually secure our customer’s item (whether it is bulk order or just 1 item). I don’t know how others do it but I’m sure it’s almost similar to this meaning, even if a person reserved just 1 item the seller will still go through several steps before they can actually save an item for the customer. Doing all the trouble is fine, that’s our job. But for joy reservers? I don’t think so! Imagine how many people might actually saw that reserved item and decided they want it but since it is reserved they decided to find something else (not to mention this one is actually willing to pay for the item) . Lucky us if they choose to check on our available items but what if they decided to jump on another online shop. We lost customer without even knowing it. I know that kind of thing happen because I am an online customer too. I am also aware that people change their minds, one moment they liked it the next they don’t, that is normal but we online seller’s never fail to remind them to place an order only if they are more than 100% sure they like the item and they are willing to pay for it. I know I have to be extra patient because I will definitely encounter more of them as yellowpop progress. I am ready for that. I am just writing this so others will understand how bad businesses can a “joy reserver’s” do to an online seller. And hopefully refrain from that bad habit.

On the lighter side, I was able to create decent pieces out of my limited supplies of beads. I am so excited to go shopping for new beads and create new projects. I will do that next week. I started this business a couple of weeks ago and I want to see my profit first before spending on raw materials again. It has been a great week for yellowpop and me. I hope more people will discover my creation and buy my items. For those who want to check out my creation with prices please add my face book account yellowpop collection or my multiply account Thank you and have a great weekend.

these are some of my creations this week.


  1. Can I repost this, sis? This is exactly how I feel about joy reservers :(

  2. hi tanong ko lng po. pag nag canvas ka at nagtanong ng mga price ng mga products and shipping fee etc, maco-consider kna bang joy reserver?

    1. hi! para sa akin as buyer & seller, okay lang yun! like mga (specs, measurements, condition ng item) especially if hindi siya naka indicate sa description ng product.

      mga joy reserver yan yung mga taong hype na hype sa binibenta mo, tapos yung nga "papareserve" na nila at 101% bibilhin daw nila, tapos pag meetup na nga nga na. =)

  3. Joy reserver ay yung tao na mahilig magpabook o magcommit sayo na 100% sure ang order nya. Pagdating ng bayaran biglang mawawala na parang bula at di na magpaparamdam. Masarap tadyakan at murahin yung mga ganung tao. Sarap ikaskas sa pader ang mukha.