Wednesday, July 28, 2010


I feel so blessed today! Last night or every night since I started yellowpop I always include its success on my prayers. There are times when I am afraid that it will not go as I hoped. I felt that last night. I don’t know why. But since God has always been generous He eliminates that this afternoon. Someone ordered fifty items from me (katching katching!). She’s an Overseas Filipino Worker in Saudi Arabia. Apparently she wants to resell my items there to her co-workers and friends. She actually wanted more but I said I am a “one man show” so I might not be able to accomplish everything on her desired deadline. So we end up with fifty. I gave her a great discount since she’s getting so many. I have the feeling that this transaction is just the first.

What happened today is an inspiration for me to go forward and believe that I am destined to do it. I also realized that failure is not an option, God is with me. I need not to be afraid. I can’t help but smile remembering that someone actually wants to order a lot! I admit she’s not the first a friend ordered 12 items on my online shop’s grand opening. That put numerous smiles on my face too. More than the bread and butter this transaction will bring me or any transaction concerning yellowpop is the satisfaction that some people appreciate my work. I feel ecstatic even with single thumbs up (like) from people who browsed my facebook account much more if they commented that an item is pretty. Doesn’t really matter if they buy or not their compliment is enough for me to get inspired.

So anyway, that bulk order requires reasonable amount of paper works. Consequently, the reason I spent more time doing paper works today for yellowpop than crafting new projects. But I have made few bracelets today, mostly remake.

This is part of the paper work I did today. I love to use cute pens when writing! It makes me eager to continue. (The pen was from my mom by the way, she knows I love Mickey and Minnie Mouse). The other part was spent using MS Excel. I am really glad I have enough experience using that program it’s really helpful especially in computing and projecting profit without doing complicated manual calculation. I will hate that for sure. I am really bad at math.

Well, I’m so glad this day come and ended beautifully. I hope your day went great too. Tah..tah..


  1. Hi Mayen,

    It's good to see something like this. I wanna learn how the online store runs so I'll get some ideas here. I Have also made a blog about my 'online store' -- it's an ukay store selling great ukay finds..but now I haven't been updating it due to my busy schedule from work & school. I hope I can have more time.

    anyway....I love some of your craft. I like the black ones..(my fave color)

    would you mind me asking about he price?? and do you have something like a product catalog aside from this blog??? I wanna view some of your products.

    Cordially yours,


  2. hi jill, thank you so much for the compliment. It really inspires me when people wrote something good about my crafts. so anyway, you can check my items on facebook. I bet you have facebook account ? Just look up for yellowpop collection and hit add as friend or you can add my multiply account I'll wait for you.

    Too bad your not updating your ukay store online anymore. I always admire people who can find great pieces on ukay-ukay i am not good at that. If you find me on facebook and multiply let me know you are jill from here ok? and give me the link to your ukay shop too when you finally find time to update it. I might want something. thanks jill!