Sunday, July 25, 2010


My day just ended. I am really sleepy but I just want to write something here before I officially end my day!

As expected since Sunday is my self-declared day off I haven’t done much today. I was able to create just 5 pieces today. I know I can do more but today is busy day because it’s my grandmother’s death anniversary and so my relatives on mother side decided to get together, although as soon as it’s over I get back to work. I am working while chatting with jed online. I can’t help but continue working.

I tried a new routine today, once I’m done with one project I will take its photo, assign product code/decide on the price, and then work on a new project. It’s different from my usual routine of continuous project making, assign product code/decide on the price and take pictures of the products after a week. I like the new routine better I think it will save me more time plus I can easily monitor my sales. So when I declared I am done making projects for today, I decided to edit the photos of a week worth of projects and encode the products in my inventory. I am still thinking if I am going to upload photos tomorrow on my online shops or I should wait until I get the left over from my cousin. By the way my multiply account is now operating here’s the link. I hope you guys can visit. That’s all for today!

These are my projects for today, the yellow bracelets were designed last week but a couple of friends want them so i made two today!

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