Thursday, July 22, 2010

yellowpop collection

I worked hard today for my online shop. I have both on facebook and multiply. My multiply account is still under construction. I haven’t been logged on to multiply for so long and now I almost forgot the way around. But after exploring it tonight I kind of get the hang of it again! So anyway, just like I’ve mentioned I started an online shop. Mostly I sell beaded accessories and other accessories like rings and others are resell items. Items I found from shopping and definitely worth sharing.
My beaded products are designed and created by me. It was really a tedious job. Imagine sitting all day on my work station creating beaded accessories and check my online site from time to time. It is really exhausting, but I enjoyed doing it at the same time. After each finish product I get the feeling of satisfaction. My designs are not extravagant though, but still I consider them great pieces and really worth wearing. I am going to post some of the pictures here to show you. I use product code to identify my design for my customers on my networking site shop but I have nicknames for each of them. It kinda makes me remember them easily.

Nickname: sunkist (for its color)

nickname: joy (my sister love this and her name is joy)

Nickname: Snow (it reminds me of snow and ice)

Nickname: None (lol its my favorite I will not forget it!)

Nickname: Mayen (this is my nickname i mean, mayen is me..they say this one reminds them of me!)

By the way all these items were sold! They love it!

I call my shop Yellowpop Collection, aha, just like the name of this blog site. Yellow because it’s my favorite color and to me it sounds good. Pop because “P” is really fun to enunciate …pop..pop..pop..try it! It’s I’m not really sure, how long this online shop will stand the test of time and I am not sure if can last doing this for a long time. What I know now, is that I am enjoying it and the great thing is I get fulfillment doing it. It’s like strengthening my passion for fashion. I love it. I’ve been working all day and yet I don’t complain. I feel tired and yet I don’t whine which is not common to me, believe me, I am the type of person that would complain over and over again to any feeling of discomfort. So this is something new for me, doing what I love and at the same time earn extra money! That all for now..tah..tah..

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