Friday, July 30, 2010

joy reservers

Hmm.. I feel bad because I haven’t updated this blog for the last couple of days. I swear to myself I will write something here every day. But I’ve been so sleepy lately. Usually writing here is the last thing I do before I hit the sheets but recently I feel exhausted and super sleepy that I can't resists my bed. That’s why I’ve decided to do the writing in the morning. Also I woke up this morning feeling that I still want to get more sleep but my head is already working for this entry so before I lose the words I decided to get up and put my “brain words” into writing.

So I am thinking about “joy reservers” last night also this morning. I encountered one yesterday and I really don’t like it. Joy reserver (for those who are not familiar) refers to a person who reserved an item for the fun of it but when it’s time to pay for the item she suddenly change her mind and decided she doesn't want it anymore. Reserver is not on the dictionary, I guess this word is like those of jejemon’s only this one was invented on online marketplace. So why does online shop owner’s dislikes them? Simply because they are waste of time and they can also affect our sales. When a customer asked to reserve an item we took effort to update the photos, captioning that a particular item is already reserved. Then update our inventory for the reserve item, carefully took note of their personal information so we can send the item to the right address/give it to the right person and finally separate their item from the others. See, how many things we online sellers do before we actually secure our customer’s item (whether it is bulk order or just 1 item). I don’t know how others do it but I’m sure it’s almost similar to this meaning, even if a person reserved just 1 item the seller will still go through several steps before they can actually save an item for the customer. Doing all the trouble is fine, that’s our job. But for joy reservers? I don’t think so! Imagine how many people might actually saw that reserved item and decided they want it but since it is reserved they decided to find something else (not to mention this one is actually willing to pay for the item) . Lucky us if they choose to check on our available items but what if they decided to jump on another online shop. We lost customer without even knowing it. I know that kind of thing happen because I am an online customer too. I am also aware that people change their minds, one moment they liked it the next they don’t, that is normal but we online seller’s never fail to remind them to place an order only if they are more than 100% sure they like the item and they are willing to pay for it. I know I have to be extra patient because I will definitely encounter more of them as yellowpop progress. I am ready for that. I am just writing this so others will understand how bad businesses can a “joy reserver’s” do to an online seller. And hopefully refrain from that bad habit.

On the lighter side, I was able to create decent pieces out of my limited supplies of beads. I am so excited to go shopping for new beads and create new projects. I will do that next week. I started this business a couple of weeks ago and I want to see my profit first before spending on raw materials again. It has been a great week for yellowpop and me. I hope more people will discover my creation and buy my items. For those who want to check out my creation with prices please add my face book account yellowpop collection or my multiply account Thank you and have a great weekend.

these are some of my creations this week.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010


I feel so blessed today! Last night or every night since I started yellowpop I always include its success on my prayers. There are times when I am afraid that it will not go as I hoped. I felt that last night. I don’t know why. But since God has always been generous He eliminates that this afternoon. Someone ordered fifty items from me (katching katching!). She’s an Overseas Filipino Worker in Saudi Arabia. Apparently she wants to resell my items there to her co-workers and friends. She actually wanted more but I said I am a “one man show” so I might not be able to accomplish everything on her desired deadline. So we end up with fifty. I gave her a great discount since she’s getting so many. I have the feeling that this transaction is just the first.

What happened today is an inspiration for me to go forward and believe that I am destined to do it. I also realized that failure is not an option, God is with me. I need not to be afraid. I can’t help but smile remembering that someone actually wants to order a lot! I admit she’s not the first a friend ordered 12 items on my online shop’s grand opening. That put numerous smiles on my face too. More than the bread and butter this transaction will bring me or any transaction concerning yellowpop is the satisfaction that some people appreciate my work. I feel ecstatic even with single thumbs up (like) from people who browsed my facebook account much more if they commented that an item is pretty. Doesn’t really matter if they buy or not their compliment is enough for me to get inspired.

So anyway, that bulk order requires reasonable amount of paper works. Consequently, the reason I spent more time doing paper works today for yellowpop than crafting new projects. But I have made few bracelets today, mostly remake.

This is part of the paper work I did today. I love to use cute pens when writing! It makes me eager to continue. (The pen was from my mom by the way, she knows I love Mickey and Minnie Mouse). The other part was spent using MS Excel. I am really glad I have enough experience using that program it’s really helpful especially in computing and projecting profit without doing complicated manual calculation. I will hate that for sure. I am really bad at math.

Well, I’m so glad this day come and ended beautifully. I hope your day went great too. Tah..tah..

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

first shipment

Today I processed a shipment for my first online customer. My first shipping experience! Yey. Isn’t exciting when you do something for the first time? I guess almost all online sellers would agree that they’ll never forget their first shipping experience. I know I wouldn’t.

I uploaded photos of my products today. Luckily some people liked it and reserved the items they want. So today was spent mostly on managing my online shops. I want to respond to my customers’ inquiry as soon as possible. There are so many demands, one person wants to make a bracelet smaller, another wants to have custom made ring that would match the bracelets and one person wants me to make another version of the sold item. I wish I could grant all their wishes at once. The custom made ring I know I can do, but the resize (I just need to make a smaller version) and duplication of sold items will take time. I used all the stock of beads and charms for those items. I offered alternative though. I learned that the right thing to say to a customer whose demand is not possible yet is, not to say “I can’t do it” but “here’s what I can do” then offer alternative. Pretty basic but most salesmen/women forget that. I know I am a customer too. Since the day was spent tending my online shops. I haven’t done much on the crafting side. I only made two bracelets today (same design) but that’s okay, I know I can do more tomorrow.

Before I write this blog I was able to read a newsletter sent via email from a site dedicated to bead-crafting where I sign up a few days back. It talks about starting an online shop for jewelry and beaded products and what to consider. I learned a lot. One thing I remember is not talk about what you ate for lunch because customers wouldn’t care. The thing is, I was planning to talk about something similar to that earlier on this blog. Lol. Just to have something to share about me. Well, my spirit was not dampened I still want to talk about my merienda. Lol. Here it goes, since I read Bianca Gonzales’s blog about simple pleasures and posted a picture of Mc Donalds’ fries and coke float. I can’t stop thinking about it. So today I I have french fries, sundae and chicken nuggets delivered instead. Hmmm.. It really is a yummy merienda. There you go that isn’t so bad right? Writing personal indulgement on supposed to be business blog. Lol. Well, I hope everybody is well today!

Today's crafting results :)

hehe.. my merienda.. i really enjoyed it!

Monday, July 26, 2010

beaded rings

I’m still working even this late! It’s already 2:14 am. I just finished encoding the items I created today. I feel so uninspired today. Except in the morning when I found tutorial on this blog site (click here) on how to make a ring out of beads. It’s really really helpful. I have created 8 rings, I am going to keep 2 and 6 will go to my sale collection. (Although on the picture below you can only see 5 rings I forgot to include the other one. ) I was so happy when I am done with the rings. They are so cute! I want to do more but I figured I have to see first how my customer will react to this. If they like it, I’m going to create more. But that was in the morning, in the afternoon I was in a situation where I don’t know what to do next. I know I have to create more since my second batch of items is almost sold, but I really cannot think of new designs plus my raw materials are now limited. I was speaking to jed during that time so I can’t make a research in the internet. I spend an hour thinking. In the end, I opted to double check available materials and work on less complicated project. I guess I have created decent pieces today! Looking at today’s work I can still say that my day ended productive and I love those rings!!!

This is the one I am going to keep. I love black and white plus it can go with any outfit. I started wearing it as soon as I’m done making it. I just love to look at it on my fingers. :)

Here’s what I have accomplished today!

Sunday, July 25, 2010


My day just ended. I am really sleepy but I just want to write something here before I officially end my day!

As expected since Sunday is my self-declared day off I haven’t done much today. I was able to create just 5 pieces today. I know I can do more but today is busy day because it’s my grandmother’s death anniversary and so my relatives on mother side decided to get together, although as soon as it’s over I get back to work. I am working while chatting with jed online. I can’t help but continue working.

I tried a new routine today, once I’m done with one project I will take its photo, assign product code/decide on the price, and then work on a new project. It’s different from my usual routine of continuous project making, assign product code/decide on the price and take pictures of the products after a week. I like the new routine better I think it will save me more time plus I can easily monitor my sales. So when I declared I am done making projects for today, I decided to edit the photos of a week worth of projects and encode the products in my inventory. I am still thinking if I am going to upload photos tomorrow on my online shops or I should wait until I get the left over from my cousin. By the way my multiply account is now operating here’s the link. I hope you guys can visit. That’s all for today!

These are my projects for today, the yellow bracelets were designed last week but a couple of friends want them so i made two today!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

It’s Sunday! I can sleep for as long as I want. I just woke up by the way (10:32am) I call this my real day off. Meaning I don’t have to spend all day creating beaded pieces. I’ve been working hard all week for Yellowpop Collection. But since I am addicted to it I am planning to still create projects later lol! I am so happy that people around me love my creation. I am planning to update my online shop on Monday (tomorrow) but my cousin took everything yesterday so she can show it to her friends and co-workers so I end up with nothing. I’ll just have to wait what is left on Wednesday and I will upload photos on my online shop. This morning, another cousin texted me asking for my collection, she said she wants to show it to her friends too. Wow! They are so helpful. I wish I have enough pieces to give them. So, I decided to duplicate every creation from now on. I will make two pieces for one design. This way I’ll have pieces to sell online and another for my personal network. If need arises I will make three pieces for the same design. I didn’t expect that it’s going to be a lot of work but I am happy that business is doing great.

My creations from Monday to Friday, some of them were sold!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

yellowpop collection

I worked hard today for my online shop. I have both on facebook and multiply. My multiply account is still under construction. I haven’t been logged on to multiply for so long and now I almost forgot the way around. But after exploring it tonight I kind of get the hang of it again! So anyway, just like I’ve mentioned I started an online shop. Mostly I sell beaded accessories and other accessories like rings and others are resell items. Items I found from shopping and definitely worth sharing.
My beaded products are designed and created by me. It was really a tedious job. Imagine sitting all day on my work station creating beaded accessories and check my online site from time to time. It is really exhausting, but I enjoyed doing it at the same time. After each finish product I get the feeling of satisfaction. My designs are not extravagant though, but still I consider them great pieces and really worth wearing. I am going to post some of the pictures here to show you. I use product code to identify my design for my customers on my networking site shop but I have nicknames for each of them. It kinda makes me remember them easily.

Nickname: sunkist (for its color)

nickname: joy (my sister love this and her name is joy)

Nickname: Snow (it reminds me of snow and ice)

Nickname: None (lol its my favorite I will not forget it!)

Nickname: Mayen (this is my nickname i mean, mayen is me..they say this one reminds them of me!)

By the way all these items were sold! They love it!

I call my shop Yellowpop Collection, aha, just like the name of this blog site. Yellow because it’s my favorite color and to me it sounds good. Pop because “P” is really fun to enunciate …pop..pop..pop..try it! It’s I’m not really sure, how long this online shop will stand the test of time and I am not sure if can last doing this for a long time. What I know now, is that I am enjoying it and the great thing is I get fulfillment doing it. It’s like strengthening my passion for fashion. I love it. I’ve been working all day and yet I don’t complain. I feel tired and yet I don’t whine which is not common to me, believe me, I am the type of person that would complain over and over again to any feeling of discomfort. So this is something new for me, doing what I love and at the same time earn extra money! That all for now..tah..tah..