Monday, July 26, 2010

beaded rings

I’m still working even this late! It’s already 2:14 am. I just finished encoding the items I created today. I feel so uninspired today. Except in the morning when I found tutorial on this blog site (click here) on how to make a ring out of beads. It’s really really helpful. I have created 8 rings, I am going to keep 2 and 6 will go to my sale collection. (Although on the picture below you can only see 5 rings I forgot to include the other one. ) I was so happy when I am done with the rings. They are so cute! I want to do more but I figured I have to see first how my customer will react to this. If they like it, I’m going to create more. But that was in the morning, in the afternoon I was in a situation where I don’t know what to do next. I know I have to create more since my second batch of items is almost sold, but I really cannot think of new designs plus my raw materials are now limited. I was speaking to jed during that time so I can’t make a research in the internet. I spend an hour thinking. In the end, I opted to double check available materials and work on less complicated project. I guess I have created decent pieces today! Looking at today’s work I can still say that my day ended productive and I love those rings!!!

This is the one I am going to keep. I love black and white plus it can go with any outfit. I started wearing it as soon as I’m done making it. I just love to look at it on my fingers. :)

Here’s what I have accomplished today!


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  2. they're very colorful! I love them.. but I'm not a fan of rings..hehe I easily lose them!