Tuesday, July 27, 2010

first shipment

Today I processed a shipment for my first online customer. My first shipping experience! Yey. Isn’t exciting when you do something for the first time? I guess almost all online sellers would agree that they’ll never forget their first shipping experience. I know I wouldn’t.

I uploaded photos of my products today. Luckily some people liked it and reserved the items they want. So today was spent mostly on managing my online shops. I want to respond to my customers’ inquiry as soon as possible. There are so many demands, one person wants to make a bracelet smaller, another wants to have custom made ring that would match the bracelets and one person wants me to make another version of the sold item. I wish I could grant all their wishes at once. The custom made ring I know I can do, but the resize (I just need to make a smaller version) and duplication of sold items will take time. I used all the stock of beads and charms for those items. I offered alternative though. I learned that the right thing to say to a customer whose demand is not possible yet is, not to say “I can’t do it” but “here’s what I can do” then offer alternative. Pretty basic but most salesmen/women forget that. I know I am a customer too. Since the day was spent tending my online shops. I haven’t done much on the crafting side. I only made two bracelets today (same design) but that’s okay, I know I can do more tomorrow.

Before I write this blog I was able to read a newsletter sent via email from a site dedicated to bead-crafting where I sign up a few days back. It talks about starting an online shop for jewelry and beaded products and what to consider. I learned a lot. One thing I remember is not talk about what you ate for lunch because customers wouldn’t care. The thing is, I was planning to talk about something similar to that earlier on this blog. Lol. Just to have something to share about me. Well, my spirit was not dampened I still want to talk about my merienda. Lol. Here it goes, since I read Bianca Gonzales’s blog about simple pleasures and posted a picture of Mc Donalds’ fries and coke float. I can’t stop thinking about it. So today I indulge..lol. I have french fries, sundae and chicken nuggets delivered instead. Hmmm.. It really is a yummy merienda. There you go that isn’t so bad right? Writing personal indulgement on supposed to be business blog. Lol. Well, I hope everybody is well today!

Today's crafting results :)

hehe.. my merienda.. i really enjoyed it!


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