Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Again I failed to update this blog several days now. But I don’t feel guilty anymore. I realized that I really cannot update it every day because there are so many things to do. I haven’t created new projects yet because people want old designs and most of my friends want their items personalized. With that, I spent time doing the same project over and over again. I admit I don’t enjoy it as much. I love it when I created something new but what can I do? What customer wants customer gets? Right?

On Sunday I shopped for new beads but those remained untouched. I’m so excited to create new pieces. Most of my customer requested for formal design so I bought a lot of German crystals. I was thinking of Swarovski but it’s a bit expensive so I end up with German crystals. (I don’t want to give my customer expensive items). It’s not as fancy as Swarovski but there’s not much of a difference. I tried to research for the difference between the two but I failed to get a good answer. Most materials are written in such a way that only crystallographer can understand. I also found great earrings and rings. I will post the items this week or next week.

These are what I brought home from shopping. I know they don't look as much but believe me when I say I can make a hundred pieces out of them.

This past few days have been so busy busy busy for me. I am currently working on the bulk order I mentioned on my previous entry. I hope I’ll be able to finish everything before the week ends so I can work on new projects, which I am really dying to do so. Later, I’ll be meeting a high school friend. She ordered several items too. I am so thrilled to see her because I haven’t seen her for a long time. So there you go that’s it for today!

Again for those who just found this blog and wants to check my online shops. Please add me on your facebook account just look up for yellowpop collection or click here and for those who are using multiply here’s the link http://yellowpopcollection.multiply.com. Thank you! 

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