Wednesday, August 25, 2010


I am now working with silver and bronze charm bracelets, necklaces and anklets these past weeks. It’s really fun to do and very easy. I noticed I can create more pieces with charm bracelets in a day compared to my previous projects. But both projects are fun to do! The first batch of charm bracelets was sold as soon as I am done with it. My mom, my sisters and some of my friends are my first charm bracelets customer. I also made one for my 2 year old niece that matches her mom’s charm bracelet. I don’t have photos of them yet but I know they took photos wearing their identical bracelets. It’s really cute and my niece loves it. Also, when my other niece (11 year-old) saw my new projects she can’t wait to design her own charm bracelets and she came up with a nice charms combination which I am planning to add on my collection. With that, I am thinking of creating “MOM AND ME” bracelets. What do you think?

Like most people I am also fascinated with charm bracelets. My dream really is to have a charm bracelet bearing memories of the past. Just like what Queen Victoria has during her era or something similar to Bella of Twilight Saga’s charm bracelet which charms are from Edward and Jacob. Sadly, I haven’t thought of that when I was younger. But I can’t wait to get started. So anyway, just a little trivia about charms, did you know that during dark days of the Middle Ages, charms and amulets were put to use by knights and kings? They were most often used with incantations to wreak havoc on the occupants of enemy castles and protect warriors in battle. Charms were also worn on belts to represent family origin, political standing and profession. Cool huh?

Well, let me just show you the pieces I made. I am currently selling some of these to my personal network (people that I now personally). I will definitely post most of these on my sites for my online customer maybe next week. Hope you like it J

Prices ranges from Php 180 to Php 200..Good deal right? These will be on display on Monday August 30, 2010...check it out on facebook look up for yellowpop collection or on see you :)


  1. Those look really cool.

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