Thursday, August 12, 2010

korean inspired bracelets

New batch of items has been released for yellowpop and I’ve got lots of orders already. I really didn’t expect that it’s going to be like this. When I started I am just thinking of just getting extra income and make my leisure time worthwhile. Gee, I didn’t realize I can make a living out of this. Oh well, God is just so good! Here are the favorite items..

These are Korean inspired accessories and they are quite expensive. So I made my own version so people can get it on a friendly price. Now, it’s SOLD OUT!!

Here are the items that are still available. You may check them out on facebook or click here or just look up for yellowpop collection and

There they are. You can see more of them if you visit to my sites. thanks! have a blessed day peeps! :)


  1. lovely pieces.I like the black one..can't visit your multiply today. It's shut down here in the office. too bad.


  2. lol..try mo na lang next time or add me on your facebook mas updated dun eh. thanks jill :)

  3. hi Mayen!! I'm so sorry but I will use your pics on my blog post.. don't worry I will put your site as the source! I've been interested with this too..but I don't have tools yet!

  4. still this is Jill..I just changed name..

  5. It really is amazing how different cultures view things. Something as innocuous as an anklet can be viewed in such vastly different ways! I have really enjoyed your blog hop and appreciate that it prodded me to do something that I should have done ages ago.
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